The brief was to design premium packaging for high quality wild mushrooms: Porcini (main product), Chanterelle, Funnel Chanterelle and Black Chanterelle. Kaavi Porcini mushrooms are carefully selected and handpicked from the heart of Finnish forests at Kaavi.

There was a need for a solution that would adress different target markets with different cultural and visual nuances and stand out in the category of typical premium products. The inspiration came from fine dining, art, gourmet, calligraphy and simply – mushrooms. The aim was to inspire, home-cooks as well as top-chefs, to be bold, creative and even experimental and simply enable to bring a piece of wild Finnish gourmet product on the plate.

The product package design won the prestigious Red Dot Award, Communication Design 2016: Best of the Best. This year 7838 entries and designers and companies from a total of 46 countries took part in the award.

“This entry showed uncompromising competency and considerable courage” – Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Founder and President of Red Dot.

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